August 14, 2022

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15 Songs About the Power of Family Love

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Looking for songs about household like to affirm the energy of your familial connections?

Life is best if in case you have a supportive household by your facet.

Today’s assortment of songs celebrates this unconditional love that has been the bedrock of stability for many people. These tracks are all devoted to the individuals who know us greatest and settle for us even at our worst.

Add the songs featured right here to your playlist in your subsequent household reunion, or play the tracks everytime you miss being with household.


1. Family Is Family, Kacey Musgraves

through K A C E Y M U S G R A V E S

Family is family, in church or in prison. You get what you get, and you don’t get to pick ’em. They might smoke like chimneys, but give you their kidneys. Yeah, friends come in handy, but family is family.

In this track, Kacey Musgraves completely captures how quirky, humorous, and constant relations could be. It is a kind of songs that makes you grateful that you simply belong to a household, irrespective of how imperfect it’s.

2. Dance With My Father, Luther Vandross

through Luther Vandross

If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him. I’d play a song that would never, ever end. How I’d love, love, love to dance with my father again.

This is a touching tribute to fathers who’ve been there for his or her kids. It is the kind of track that makes listeners admire all that their fathers have carried out for them.

3. Daddy’s Hands, Holly Dunn

through Holly Dunn – Topic

Daddy’s hands were soft and kind when I was cryin’. Daddy’s hands were hard as steel when I’d done wrong. Daddy’s hands weren’t always gentle but I’ve come to understand. There was always love in daddy’s hands.

This track expresses appreciation for all of the laborious work {that a} father has carried out for his household.

Through the track, we get to know a father who guides, corrects, and helps a baby as she grows up. And because the baby grows, she realizes how loving her father is.

4. In My Daughter’s Eyes, Martina McBride

through Martina McBride

In my daughter’s eyes, everyone is equal. Darkness turns to light and the world is at peace. This miracle God gave to me gives me strength when I am weak. I find reason to believe in my daughter’s eyes.

This track is a few mom’s love for her daughter.

Children naturally belief and rely on their dad and mom, so dad and mom must work laborious to be good moms and dads with a view to be worthy of this belief that’s given to them.

5. A Song for Mama, Boyz II Men

through Boyz II Men

Mama, Mama, you know I love you. Mama, Mama, you’re the queen of my heart. Your love is like tears from the stars, yes it is. Mama, I just want you to know lovin’ you is like food to my soul. Yes it is.

Boyz II Men dedicate this track to moms. It is their tribute and expression of affection for the ladies they think about the queens of their hearts.

6. Butterfly Kisses, Bob Carlisle

through BobCarlisleVEVO

For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer, sticking little white flowers all up in her hair. ‘Walk beside the pony, Daddy. It’s my first ride.’ ‘I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried.’ Oh, with all that I’ve done wrong, I must have done something right.

In this track, we hear a father reminisce about his daughter rising up, all the best way to the time when he’s about to provide her away on the altar. His coronary heart is overflowing with the love he has for his daughter.

7. I Will Always Love My Mama, The Intruders

through The Intruders

I’ll always love my mama. She’s my favorite girl. You only get one, you only get one, yeah. I’ll always love my mama. She brought me in this world.

This track is one other tribute to moms. It acknowledges that all of us get just one mom in our lives, the one who has introduced us into the world.

8. Mama, Spice Girls

through Spice Girls

Back then I didn’t know why, why you were misunderstood. So now, I see through your eyes, all that you did was love. Mama, I love you. Mama, I care. Mama, I love you. Mama, my friend.

Most of us undergo a rebellious section whereas rising up. Our dad and mom will need to have had a number of complications coping with us throughout these intervals of time!

This track is about realizing how a lot a mom has carried out for her kids, particularly throughout these angst-filled teenage years. Perhaps now that the kid has grown, she and her mom can set up a better relationship as mates.

9. Daughters, John Mayer

through John Mayer

So, fathers, be good to your daughters. Daughters will love like you do. Girls become lovers, who turn into mothers. So, mothers, be good to your daughters, too.

Here is a reminder to oldsters that kids look as much as their dad and mom for examples of how to deal with life.

To assist kids discover wholesome relationships after they develop up, dad and mom have to set good examples of easy methods to deal with one another.

There is not any room for toxicity if you would like your kids to have the ability to type wholesome relationships with others, and with themselves as nicely. [Check out these online quizzes to know if you have a toxic personality.]

10. He Didn’t Have to Be, Brad Paisley


And now, all of a sudden, oh it seems so strange to me. How we’ve gone from something’s missing to a family. Looking through the glass, I think about the man standing next to me. And I hope I’m at least half the dad that he didn’t have to be.

Based on a survey carried out by the US Census Bureau, 1 out of 4 children in American households live without a father. A lot of social ills could be traced again to people rising up in fatherless properties.

In this track, Brad Paisley provides tribute to the stepdads and different father figures who step as much as the plate when the actual fathers can not. The singer recollects touching particulars of how his stepfather supported him in essential moments in his life.

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11. Child of Mine, Anne Murray

through Anne Murray

Although you see the world different from me. Sometimes I can touch upon the wonders that you see. All the new colors and pictures you’ve designed. Oh, yes, sweet darling. So glad you are a child of mine.

Here’s a track that describes a father or mother’s love and pleasure for his or her baby. In this track, the father or mother admits that the kid has a distinct outlook from them. Nevertheless, it’s a supply of pleasure for the father or mother that their baby has this viewpoint, which they think about fantastic.

The track can also be about how a loving father or mother helps their baby in attaining their desires. They believe that their baby will succeed.

12. Family, Dolly Parton

through Dolly Parton

When it’s family, you forgive them for they know not what they do. When it’s family, they’re a mirror of the worst and best in you. When it’s family… let me be all that I should be to the family.

If you’re in search of an amazing track to play at a household reunion, you would possibly need to think about this observe from Dolly Parton.

In this track, she sings about how relations can have completely different traits. Some could also be nice, and you will get alongside fantastic with them. Others could also be annoying, and their actions may be a humiliation to the household.

Regardless, they’re all a part of the household. We settle for them as they’re.

13. These Are My People, Rodney Atkins

through Rodney Atkins

But these are my people, this is where I come from. We’re givin’ this life everything we got and then some. It ain’t always pretty, but it’s real. It’s the way we were made, wouldn’t have it any other way. These are my people.

We all come from completely different backgrounds, and a few are much less superb than others.

This track is about being pleased with one’s humble beginnings. Life might have been tough, however you have been doubtless helped alongside by mates who have been as shut as household.

14. Grandma’s Hands, Bill Withers

through Bill Withers

Grandma’s hands used to hand me a piece of candy. Grandma’s hands picked me up each time I fell. Grandma’s hands, boy they really came in handy. She’d say, ‘Mattie, don’t you whip that boy. He didn’t drop no apple core.’ But I don’t have Grandma anymore. If I get to heaven I’ll look for Grandma’s hands.

Looking for a track particularly written for grandmothers? Here’s one from Bill Withers.

In this track, we hear a few loving grandmother who was all the time there for her grandchild. When she handed, her grandson had candy reminiscences of her.

15. We Are Family, Sister Sledge

through Sister Sledge

We are family. I got all my sisters with me. We are family. Get up everybody and sing. Everyone can see we’re together as we walk on by. (And) we fly just like birds of a feather. I won’t tell no lie. All of the people around us they say can they be that close. Just let me state for the record, we’re giving love in a family dose.

Sister Sledge was a musical group from the Nineteen Eighties and was composed of sisters. We Are Family is certainly one of their hottest songs. It celebrates the loving bond they share as sisters. It is a bond so sturdy that even the individuals round them can sense it.

Final Thoughts on Family Love

The ties that bind relations collectively are sturdy, even when we disagree typically. We nonetheless handle to band collectively if certainly one of our personal wants our assist.

We hope that this assortment of songs about household love could be a supply of inspiration so that you can love your loved ones extra.

If you possibly can’t get sufficient of thematic track collections, listed below are a number of extra that you would be able to try:

15 Songs About the Power of Family Love

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