August 10, 2022

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17 Songs About Exploring and Having Adventures

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Looking for songs about exploring so as to add to your playlist?

With nations now easing borders after a number of months of pandemic-driven lockdowns, it’s lastly doable to move off in your subsequent journey.

You are probably trying ahead to ticking off some journey and journey objects out of your bucket list.

Today, we’re sharing a group of songs about exploring and embarking on new adventures. We hope these tracks gasoline your pleasure for brand new issues to find and locations to go to.

But why precisely is it essential to discover and go on adventures?

Why Is It Necessary to Have Adventures?

Adventures have important advantages for our well being, intelligence, and well-being. Here are a couple of of them:

  • Help you develop new views about life, different individuals, and your self.
  • Sharpen your talents.
  • Help you be taught new expertise.
  • Improve your well being, particularly in the event you spend a big a part of your journey open air.
  • Improve your brainpower, from studying the fundamentals of a brand new language to brushing up on individuals expertise.
  • Bring you nearer to your goals.

With that stated, listed below are the tracks we’ve rounded up in your new journey playlist.

1. The World Ain’t Slowin’ Down, Ellis Paul

through Ellis Paul – Topic

You gotta get gone, you gotta get going. Hey, the world ain’t slowing down for no one. It’s a carnival callin’ out to you. It sounds like a song, hits you like scripture. You paint the picture with colors squeezed from your hand. Weren’t you the kid who just climbed on the merry-go-round. Hey look, the world ain’t slowing down…

If you’re having second ideas about happening an journey, this music tells you that it’s time to get going as a result of the world is just not slowing down.

2. On the Road Again, Willie Nelson

through Willie Nelson

And I can’t wait to get on the road again. On the road again. Goin’ places that I’ve never been. Seein’ things that I may never see again. And I can’t wait to get on the road again.

For many individuals, touring is a lifestyle. It is what they reside for.

If you’re one among these individuals, this music is likely to be a becoming anthem in your touring way of life. It’s written for many who can’t wait to set off to see new locations.

3. Drops of Jupiter, Train

through Train

But tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet? Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day and head back to the Milky Way? And tell me, did Venus blow your mind? Was it everything you wanted to find? And then you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there.

This music is about figuring out what’s valuable in life. Sometimes, to find what’s most essential to us, we have to go exploring.

This may contain a metaphorical exploration inside, like performing some inside work with a view to arrive at our reality. Or it may imply actually going someplace and exploring that place to see if something within the tradition, the locale, or the expertise we’ve got there touches our soul and divulges what we’re searching for.

4. Roam, The B-52s

through The B-52s

Roam if you want to. Roam around the world. Roam if you want to, without wings, without wheels. Roam if you want to. Roam around the world…Without anything but the love we feel.

This music encourages listeners to roam in any means they need. Considering that worldwide borders are slowly opening up, are there any locations specifically that you just’d like to go to once you get the prospect to journey once more?

5. Born to Be Wild, Steppenwolf

through Steppenwolf – Topic

Get your motor runnin’. Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way. Yeah, darlin’, go and make it happen. Take the world in a love embrace. Fire all your guns at once and explode into space.

First launched in 1968, this music is included in Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. It is concerning the freedom of the open highway.

Numerous younger individuals all through the years have made this music their private coming-of-age anthem on their quest for adventures.

6. I’ve Been Everywhere, L.A. Rats

through L.A. Rats

I’ve been everywhere, man. Crossed the deserts bare, man. I’ve breathed the mountain air, man. Of travel I’ve had my share, man. I’ve been everywhere, man.

This music is a few man who has traveled to quite a lot of locations. A big portion of the music is an inventory of all of the locations that the person has been to.

The authentic observe was composed by Australian nation singer Geoff Mack and was first launched in 1959. Various singers and musical teams have coated this music all through the years.

This newest cowl was finished by L.A. Rats, a “supergroup” shaped in mid-2021, whose members have present or former affiliations with well-known American bands, reminiscent of vocalist Rob Zombie of White Zombie fame.

7. Traveling On, Kongos

through KONGOS / Tokoloshe Records

So long, my friend, my foe, my love, my pain. The road’s calling out my name. Dreaming of La Boheme. Maybe I’ll go to Barbizon. Or see a girl before she catches cold and she’s gone. Or maybe I’ll just travel on. Travel on.

What would you be keen to surrender with a view to journey? In this music, we meet an individual for whom touring means a lot that he willingly offers up all the things he has simply to be on the highway.

8. Catch & Release, Matt Simons

through Matt Simons

There’s a place I go to where no one knows me. It’s not lonely. It’s a necessary thing. It’s a place I made up, find out what I’m made of. The nights I’ve stayed up, counting stars and fighting sleep.

This music is about inside exploration. With our ideas, we will create an area the place we will simply be—the place we will uncover our true selves.

This could be a place the place we will retreat to with a view to decompress, regroup, and get better after struggling by way of the every day grind.

9. Counting Blue Cars, Dishwalla

through Dishwalla

Must’ve been late afternoon. On our way, the sun broke free of the clouds. We count only blue cars, skip the cracks in the street, and ask many questions like children often do. We said: Tell me all your thoughts on God. ‘Cause I’d really like to meet her and ask her why we’re who we are.

Asking questions is one other means of exploring. The solutions we fin can typically lead us to thrilling adventures alongside unknown and surprising paths.

This music is about this sort of curiosity that encourages a deeper exploration of the issues we frequently marvel about, reminiscent of about God and our goal in life.

[If you’re interested in finding your “why”, you can check out this article for helpful tips on finding your life’s purpose.]

10. Fly Away, Lenny Kravitz

through Lenny Kravitz

I want to get away. I want to fly away. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

For some individuals, happening an journey includes greater than merely fulfilling what’s on their bucket list. It is their means of reconnecting with life itself.

In this observe, Lenny Kravitz sings about his need to easily get away and simply fly. Perhaps you understand somebody who needs the identical factor?

11. Renegades, X Ambassadors

through X Ambassadors

Long live the pioneers, rebels and mutineers. Go forth and have no fear. Come close and lend an ear.

This music has a robust message about not conforming to society’s expectations. The music reclaims the phrase “renegade” and makes use of it to imply those that have defied their bodily limitations to excel in sports activities and life normally.

There is a component of journey in working one’s approach to success, regardless of all the chances stacked in opposition to them. The outcomes are sometimes exhilarating and galvanizing.

12. Road to Nowhere, Talking Heads

through Talking Heads – Topic

We’re on a road to nowhere. Come on inside. Takin’ that ride to nowhere. We’ll take that ride.

For many individuals, life is one huge journey. However, there are others who really feel that there isn’t any order to our existence.

This single from Talking Heads is concerning the feeling that there’s actually no nice significance to something. However, they’re nonetheless keen to expertise that journey.

13. Do You Know Where You’re Going To (Mahogany OST), Diana Ross

Do You Know Where Youre Going To | Diana Ross | country songs about exploring

through Diana Ross

Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showin’ you? Where are you going to? Do you know?

If you’re searching for a music about assessing the place your explorations and adventures have gotten you thus far, this observe from Diana Ross is sort of acceptable.

It asks you essential questions on the place you’ve been, your stage of satisfaction for what you will have proper now, and the place you’re headed subsequent.

songs about exploring the unknown | songs about traveling on the road | songs that talk about exploring

14. Everything Stays, Adventure Time OST

through Cartoon Network

Everything stays right where you left it. Everything stays. But still it changes. Ever so slightly, daily and nightly. In little ways, when everything stays.

There is a bittersweet reminder for these of us who go on adventures.

This observe from Adventure Time reminds us that those who we go away behind additionally change. Although the change is usually almost imperceptible, it nonetheless occurs.

For extra songs about change, check out this post.

15. Our Adventure, The Long Valley

through The Long Valley – Topic

This is our adventure. This isn’t our goodbye. It’s only the beginning and time is on our side. We can send a postcard. We can drive all night. We can count the stars until the sunrise fills the sky and hides the moon. It’s just me and you.

Starting new issues can really feel like an journey. This music pays tribute to these occasions in our lives when outdated issues finish so we will embark on new ones.

16. On My Way, Phil Collins

On My Way | Phil Collins | best songs about exploring

through Phil Collins

Tell everybody I’m on my way. New friends and new places to see. With blue skies ahead. Yes, I’m on my way. And there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be.

This music is concerning the anticipation of going house after being away on an journey.

You could have made new discoveries and new buddies alongside the best way, however there’s nothing extra fantastic than coming house and sharing the experiences you had in your journey with your mates and family members.

17. Ends of the Earth, Lord Huron

Ends of the Earth | Lord Huron | songs that talk about exploring

through Lord Huron

Oh, there’s a river that winds forever. I’m gonna see where it leads. Oh, there’s a mountain that no man has mounted. I’m gonna stand on the peak. Out there’s a land that time don’t command. Wanna be the first to arrive. No time for ponderin’ why I’m a-wanderin’. Not while we’re both still alive.

This music is about somebody who’s describing all of the wondrous locations that he’s planning to discover. The locations sound thrilling, and lots of of them nonetheless uncharted.

The singer doesn’t let something cease him from embarking on an journey to seek out these locations.

Final Thoughts

What’s your favourite journey?

We hope that the songs featured on this assortment function inspiration to start out exploring and happening new adventures once more.

The world awaits you.

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17 Songs About Exploring and Having Adventures

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