August 14, 2022

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4 Strategies for Losing 75 Pounds | Nerd Fitness

I’d prefer to introduce you to Brian, a fellow Rebel in our Online Coaching Program who’s presently celebrating dropping over 75 kilos!


Brian’s achievements are actually superb, contemplating all he’s gone by:

  • Old accidents? Check.
  • Losing and regaining the identical weight again and again? Check.
  • Frustration over by no means sustaining progress? Check.

But then Brian determined sufficient is sufficient. This time, issues can be completely different.

This time, Brian would ask for assist.

I’m honored that he determined to belief us on this most up-to-date try.

So let’s discover the plan that Brian and his coach created to make this time completely different!

The 4 Keys to Brian’s Amazing Transformation

Brian before and after

#1) Don’t Underestimate the Power of Eating Your Greens

When you ask Brian about an important change he’s made as a part of NF Coaching, he’s fast to reply: “Eating more vegetables.”

Brian explains:

“Filling up on veggies as a substitute of chips has made me really feel loads higher.

I don’t get as hungry between meals anymore, and I’ve even seen extra vitality into the afternoon.

For somebody who lived on processed meals, I by no means imagined I’d eat greens day by day.

I virtually really feel like my coach tricked me to get right here. We began by including a small portion of greens right here and there, like a salad with my dinner.

Now, most of my meals embody a vegetable. It’s wild.”

Takeaway: it’s no shock that Brian feels higher when he eats greens as a substitute of chips.

What you would possibly discover shocking is that Brian discovered to like greens.

How’d he do it?

Brian went gradual, introducing one new vegetable dish at a time.

You can do the identical factor.

Vegetables sliding out of a basket

Maybe you order a vegetable at a restaurant you haven’t tried earlier than. Or perhaps you attempt to put together some greens otherwise.

If you don’t like the brand new dish, nbd. Just don’t order or put together it once more.

But when you do prefer it…growth! We can add it to the menu.

Once we discover a vegetable we like, our style buds will begin to adapt. We would possibly discover that we begin to like greens we didn’t like earlier than.

This will help develop our vegetable choice when planning meals.

Here’s a step-by-step plan on eating more vegetables that will help you get began.

#2) When It Comes to Strength Training, Start Slow

Brian in a mirror at a gym

Here’s one other factor we shouldn’t rush by: weight coaching.

Unfortunately, Brian needed to discover this out the laborious means.

“I’d tried to get in form earlier than joining NF Coaching a few instances.

During one such event, I harm myself. I did an excessive amount of too shortly and injured my again.

I’ve since discovered that correct type is EVERYTHING and it’s greatest to go gradual till you’re comfy.

Also, my coach has taught me that dynamic stretches BEFORE and static stretches AFTER go a good distance in the direction of security.

Takeaway: after we first begin power coaching, we have to go gradual.

We should study the motion accurately earlier than we begin including weight to the equation.

When we start resistance coaching, our physique is just not solely constructing power but additionally creating inner connections to permit our central nervous system to coordinate correctly.

In a means, after we begin exercising we’re educating our physique how you can speak to itself. If we go too quick, earlier than this improved communication happens, accidents can occur.

That’s why bodyweight exercises are an awesome place for learners to start out power coaching.

#3) It Can Still Be Possible to Train With an Injury

Brian in crow pose on Han Solo yoga mat

Despite Brian’s again issues, a coach was capable of construct a exercise routine that allowed him to maintain progressing.

“Considering my previous with accidents, I’m doing largely body weight coaching stuff.

But I’m stunned how robust I’ve gotten with simply these!

For instance, the crow pose is actually difficult:

Brian holding crow pose briefly with caption "#dailywin I ended up completing the Star Series B at 4 am this morning (wanted a good start to the day). I managed to hold crownpose for two seconds!"

Practicing it constantly has allowed me to construct plenty of power.

Plus, I’ve been doing a bit of little bit of yoga to assist my again…which allowed me to make a nerdy buy:

Brian's feet on yoga mat with image of Han Solo in carbonite with caption "My new yoga mat looks the way I do halfway through a session."

Steve word: Feel free to ship this to me!

I’ve even began an everyday operating follow!

I’m grateful that my coach has helped me proceed to develop robust whereas working round my again points.”

Takeaway: getting injured STINKS!

But if you’re harm, all is just not misplaced.

There are seemingly nonetheless loads of methods to remain lively.

  • If you possibly can’t run, how about an elliptical or stationary bike?
  • If you possibly can’t use one leg or the opposite, can you’re employed out your higher physique?
  • If you possibly can’t use one arm/shoulder, can you continue to do decrease physique workout routines like lunges/squats/step-ups?
  • If you possibly can’t do any resistance coaching, can you continue to go for walks?

A coach (with a health care provider’s blessing) can seemingly create a exercise routine round a preexisting harm.

Here are our suggestions for training with an injury.

#4) You Might Be Going Too Fast

Brian before and after

Brian had tried to get in form twice earlier than.

Why was he profitable this time?

Because Brian began gradual with Nerd Fitness Coaching.

“My coach helped me set small, cheap objectives over time that grew into vital modifications.

Through this, I discovered that consistency is vital. Even when my life would get loopy or an harm would flare up, my coach helped me do ‘something’ slightly than ‘nothing.’

Maybe I’d simply go on a stroll after work if I used to be stressed.”

Brian continues:

Black text on a white background: "Because my coach encouraged me to be easier on myself, I didn't grow frustrated when I'd miss a workout or forget to plan a meal. Instead, we'd look to see if there's anything we should change so we could improve the process. By being easier on myself, I was able to push forward even when I had setbacks."

Takeaway: all through this electronic mail, we’ve touched on “going slow.”

For instance, Brian did this by:

  • Eating his greens. Brian would add a small portion of greens to his dinner to start out, as a substitute of going full Keto or Paleo.
  • Running. Brian began with interval coaching, solely operating for temporary bursts throughout his stroll. Now he can run a 10k!
  • Resistance coaching. Brian began by simply doing body weight workout routines in his residence. Now he can maintain himself up in a crow place (which isn’t simple).

It’s okay if the actions appear tremendous small (one vegetable a day). The necessary factor is to make a bit of little bit of progress in the direction of our purpose, each single day.

Even if it’s not precisely a part of our plan (“If I miss a workout I’ll go on a walk”), doing “something” slightly than “nothing” will be important for getting in form.

Let’s discover that a bit of extra.

Somewhat Every Day Can Go A Long Way

Brian smiling with arms folded across his chest wearing NF tank top

Many shoppers are stunned on the tempo we absorb our coaching program.

We deliberately go gradual.

We wish to be sure the habits we create collectively stick. That means we show to ourselves that we will constantly transfer ahead.

Only as soon as that feels sustainable will we add one other motion or dial up the trouble.

This is commonly a giant mindset shift for our shoppers.

Many of them, like Brian, anticipate to vary every thing without delay once they sign-up.

They’ll plan on “going Keto” and “lifting weights 4 times a week.”

While these is perhaps nice objectives, the issue is that they typically will be means an excessive amount of, means too quickly.

When life inevitably will get in the best way (like a again harm), it’s simple to give up altogether till there’s a greater time to start out once more.

Here’s the factor: there’s by no means a “perfect time.”

The stars won’t ever magically align for us to get in form.

Instead, we’re going to need to cope with:

  • An intense deadline for work.
  • A sick little one.
  • A pulled again.

However, when such occasions occur, it’s okay to reduce our efforts.

I name this the “Dial vs. Light Switch” Mentality:

Text: "How we think about getting healthy:" next to image of a hand on a light switch with "on" written above and "off" written below. Text: "How we should:" next to image of a hand on a dial numbered from 0 to 11.

When life throws us a curveball, it’s okay to drag again from 100% (or 11, Spinal Tap fashion)

But perhaps we hit them at 50% (or a 5):

  • Instead of lifting weights 4 instances per week, perhaps we do resistance coaching as soon as and go for 2 lengthy walks in the course of the week.
  • Instead of “#ketolife,” perhaps it’s a protein shake within the morning and a vegetable with dinner.

This “slow and steady” tempo actually is the key of our Online Coaching Program, and one thing that comes up repeatedly after we chat with our most profitable shoppers.

If you wish to study it your self, we’d love to sit down down with you to see if we’d be a superb match for one another.

Because despite the fact that you’re distinctive, we’ve seemingly seen a few of your challenges earlier than:

  • Many of our shoppers have intense jobs.
  • Many of our shoppers handle busy households with children.
  • Many of our shoppers have preexisting accidents.

There’s seemingly a approach to make progress – even when it’s solely a bit of bit – it doesn’t matter what challenges you face in the present day.

You simply want somebody to indicate you the best way.


Man talking with text "Let's Do It... It's Go Time!!"

If you wish to see if Nerd Fitness Coaching will help you, schedule a name proper right here:

No matter what, simply keep in mind:

If you’re having bother staying constant, go gradual.

Somewhat every single day actually does go a good distance.


PS: Shoutout to Brian and Coach Matt! What they’ve executed collectively is really unimaginable.


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