August 10, 2022

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A Self-Sufficient Mind – zen habits

By Leo Babauta

In a quiet room, we will discover stillness. And in that stillness, we will ponder our personal thoughts.

What we frequently discover is that the thoughts could be very stressed. It desires to maintain a thousand issues, as a result of it’s feeling some uncertainty and concern. It desires to repair issues, maintain all of the undone issues, work out if every part goes to be OK. It desires to get all of our wants met, from survival must which means, connection and love.

The thoughts is stressed, wanting to repair every part, get every part it wants.

What if we may permit our minds to relaxation, settling into the total sufficiency of itself simply as it’s?

We would want nothing in every second, aside from what’s required for bodily survival. That doesn’t imply we do nothing (although we may!) — past our wants, there is perhaps a wholehearted want to do some good for ourselves or others, but it surely doesn’t have to return from concern.

There’s a settledness, a peace, that may include this sort of observe.

There’s a sense that we’re sufficient. That every part we want is already contained in us.

It’s a lifetime observe.

Here’s how I like to recommend beginning:

  1. Sit in a quiet spot. Elevate your hips above your knees with a cushion, to offer your self extra stability and luxury. Sit in an upright however relaxed posture. Eyes might be closed or barely open with a gentle downward gaze.
  2. Find stillness. Stay on this spot for no less than 5-10 minutes, longer over time when you like. It doesn’t should be lengthy, however if you really feel stressed, keep for just a little longer to observe with this restlessness.
  3. Rest in direct expertise. Let your consideration flip to the sensations of your physique, the sensations of the current second. These sensations are direct expertise of the world. Rest your thoughts on this open consciousness of direct expertise, without having to do something however witness them.
  4. Observe the thoughts. Your thoughts will need to flip away from this direct expertise. That’s as a result of it feels unsettled. It desires to get its wants met, or repair issues or cope with uncertainties or concern. That’s OK! Watch the thoughts do its factor. What is it making an attempt to repair? Notice the underlying concern or want because the thoughts tries to do its factor.
  5. Appreciate the luminous high quality of the thoughts. The thoughts is like an vitality, making an attempt to do its finest to outlive. It is unaware that it already is good, plentiful, sufficient. It is luminous and delightful. We can begin to respect these pleasant qualities of the thoughts. This takes curiosity, appreciation, and plenty of observe. Keep practising.

Go and sit, observe, and let me know what you discover!

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