August 9, 2022

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Baseball wants extra Jazz Chisholm & Josh Rogers interactions

Jazz Chisholm did a Eurostep and had the favor returned.

Jazz Chisholm did a Eurostep and had the favor returned.
Image: AP

Pettiness. Passion. Playfulness.

I don’t care what you name it. Just give us extra of it if you’d like extra of us to care about baseball.

They say that hitting a ball with a bat within the main leagues is among the hardest issues to do in sports activities. That means hitting a house run is even tougher. Earlier this week, when Miami Marlins infielder Jazz Chisholm hit one in opposition to the Washington Nationals, he celebrated the troublesome feat by hitting a James Harden-esque Eurostep as he crossed house plate. The subsequent day, Nationals pitcher Josh Rogers returned the favor as he did the identical transfer when he left the mound after hanging Chisholm Jr. out.

This is what baseball wants. This is what somebody like me – who solely watches postseason baseball – would tune in to see if it occurred extra.

“I’ve never had a pitcher Euro, like do whatever I did, but I’ve had some pitchers do some celebrations on me,” Chisholm said. “I like it, though, it gets me more locked in, and [it’s] something to really go out there and compete against.”

This is how the sport ought to be performed.

“Jazz is a sick player,” Rogers said. “He’s fun to watch. It’s The Show, man, so it’s entertainment for people.”

Do you see that? No hurt. No foul. Just enjoyable.

This is what would make baseball cool for a lot of folks. As the numerous “unwritten rules” and the outdated regime work exhausting to maintain the sport as inflexible and boring as potential. But, occasionally we get interactions just like the one we noticed between Rogers and Chisholm that show the potential for pleasure.

We noticed it when Tim Anderson’s walk-off house run gained the Field of Dreams recreation.

And when the White Sox launched their Nike City Connect uniforms, as they supplied some much-needed taste.

Ironically sufficient, the enjoyable incident would have been in all probability flagged as taunting within the NFL, as their enforcement of the rule this season feels prefer it’s penalizing Black players for not “playing the white way,” which is one thing that baseball’s tradition has performed to gamers of colour for many years.

“The idea behind the taunting rule is to prevent the bigger things,” Ron Rivera said on Tuesday, because the league has no immediate plans to amend the rule. “We’ve had this example where one guy taunts a guy and then the guy comes back for a little payback. And the next thing you know, you’ve got a big fight on your hands. You’ve got guys coming from left field, hitting each other. And that’s really what, to me, I think the referees are really looking for. They’re just trying to get it quieted down. You can do the celebration. They sent a tape out and explained exactly what’s taunting and what’s not. And I think if you look at the tape and you follow the tape, then it makes sense. I’m all for the celebration.”

According to folks like Rivera, Rogers and Chisholm’s interplay would have resulted in a brawl within the NFL, as an alternative of pleasant banter on social media. Or, possibly nothing would have occurred in any respect, as emotional reactions to creating performs are what make sports activities enjoyable to play, and watch.

In a sport like baseball, the place attempting to achieve a youthful and extra numerous viewers has been to their detriment for many years, it could behoove the powers that be to lastly understand what bought them into the game, to start with. Which is the truth that it’s a recreation that they’d enjoyable enjoying. 

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