August 9, 2022

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Having ‘Good’ Gut Bacteria Could Really Help if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

The trillions of microbes within our intestine play many crucial roles in our physique. Not solely does this microbiome regulate our metabolism and assist us absorb nutrients from meals into the physique, it may possibly additionally affect whether or not we’re lean or obese.


Recent research even means that our intestine microbiome can affect our potential to drop some weight. Researchers from the University of Washington within the US discovered that the presence of particular “good” microbes within the intestine of individuals weight-reduction plan to drop some weight affected what number of kilos they have been capable of lose.

To perceive what impact an individual’s intestine microbes have on weight reduction, the researchers checked out 105 obese folks, all of whom have been enrolled in a year-long weight reduction program. To monitor their weight reduction, the researchers recorded members’ beginning physique mass index (BMI).

The scientists additionally recorded the degrees of sure blood markers of metabolism – akin to cholesterol levels – to grasp how simply every participant may burn fats. And stool samples have been collected at the start and finish of the examine to find out which microbes have been current in every participant’s intestine – and at which ranges.

The researchers then in contrast individuals who had misplaced weight (a minimum of 1 p.c of their body weight on common every month) to these whose weight had remained the identical. They found that numerous blood markers associated to metabolism have been solely minimally totally different between those that did and did not drop some weight.


But actually totally different have been the varieties of intestine microbes that the 2 teams had. In individuals who misplaced extra weight, that they had extra useful bacterial enzymes within the intestine. These enzymes helped to interrupt down complicated carbohydrates (like these present in complete grains) into easy sugars, which makes them simpler to digest and probably much less more likely to retailer them as fats.

The authors additionally discovered that the expansion of bacterial colonies – specifically the micro organism Prevotella – assist to provide greater ranges of wholesome substances like short-chain fatty acids. These substances are recognized to reduce inflammation, which can facilitate weight reduction.

Weight loss

We know from different analysis {that a} person’s genes can affect their danger of changing into overweight – although there is no clear proof that genetics additionally influences the ability to lose weight. But this current examine reveals us that the kind of micro organism in an individual’s intestine after they begin a eating regimen are higher than ldl cholesterol and different substances that relate to an individual’s potential to burn fats at predicting how a lot weight an individual will lose.

Though the researchers have proven this hyperlink between intestine microbiome and weight reduction, there’s nonetheless a lot we do not know – together with needing to confirm these findings in a bigger group to indicate these micro organism are literally concerned in weight reduction. The examine’s members have been additionally taking a part of a business weight reduction program.

This means the group will not be consultant of the final inhabitants, which is one more reason why additional analysis is required.

But if these findings are verified, they might be very promising for folks trying to drop some weight and hold it off, as an individual’s intestine microbiome could be modified – in contrast to their genes. The subsequent step will likely be discovering out how folks trying to drop some weight can improve these particular fat-burning micro organism, both via eating regimen by together with probiotics and prebiotics, or by extra superior therapies akin to fecal microbiota transplantation – a process during which stool from a wholesome donor is positioned in a affected person to exchange good micro organism which might be lacking within the affected person.

Previous clinical trials have already proven that sure varieties of micro organism current in probiotics help lose weight. But these research solely measured a few varieties of micro organism utilized in probiotics.

The researchers from this examine examined all micro organism current in an individual’s intestine – strengthening the argument that intestine microbes are essential for weight.

Ana Valdes, Professor of Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology, University of Nottingham and Amrita Vijay, Research Associate in Gut Microbiome and Metabolic Health, University of Nottingham.

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