August 18, 2022

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MLB standings 2021: Updated playoff bracket, magic numbers as of Sept. 24

The 2021 MLB season is quickly winding down, and because it nears its end a number of postseason races have drawn a lot of the focus.

All however two divisional races seem locked up. The Braves surged into first place in August and are holding onto the highest spot early in September with the Phillies not too far behind them. The Giants have quietly been the best team in baseball for a lot of the season, but discover themselves holding off an extremely gifted Dodgers squad within the NL West.

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Both the races for the wild card look to be fights to the end. In the American League, the Red Sox and Yankees entered September clinging to the highest two spots however have confronted stress from the Blue Jays, Mariners and Athletics. The group that finishes second within the NL West would be the first wild card, however the second spot remains to be open because the Phillies, Reds, Padres and Mets chase the streaking Cardinals.

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The Sporting News is monitoring the MLB standings because the season wraps up. Here’s all you want to know heading into the ultimate stretch of the marketing campaign.

MLB standings 2021

American League playoff bracket

Standings up to date after video games performed on Friday, Sept. 24

Seed Team Division Record Percentage
1 Rays East 95-59 .617
2 Astros West 91-63 .591
3 White Sox Central 87-67 .565
4 (WC) Red Sox East 88-66 .571
5 (WC) Yankees East 87-67 .565

American League wild-card standings

  • WC1: Red Sox, 88-66 (.571)
  • WC2: Yankees, 87-67 (.565)


  • Blue Jays, 85-69 (.552), 2 GB
  • Mariners, 85-69 (.552), 2 GB
  • Athletics, 83-71 (.552), 4 GB
  • Indians, 75-78 (.490), ELIMINATED
  • Tigers, 74-79 (.484), ELIMINATED
  • Angels, 73-81 (.474), ELIMINATED
  • Royals, 70-83 (.458), ELIMINATED
  • Twins, 69-85 (.448), ELIMINATED
  • Rangers, 56-98 (.364), ELIMINATED
  • Orioles, 49-105 (.3180), ELIMINATED

National League playoff bracket

Standings up to date after video games performed on Friday, Sept. 24

Seed Team Division Record Percentage
1 Giants West 100-54 .649
2 Brewers Central 92-62 .597
3 Braves East 81-72 .529
4 (WC) Dodgers West 99-55 .643
5 (WC) Cardinals Central 85-69 .552

National League wild card standings

  • WC1: Dodgers, 99-55 (.643)
  • WC2: Cardinals, 85-69 (.552)

  • Phillies, 80-74 (.519), 5 GB
  • Reds, 79-75 (.513), 6 GB
  • Padres, 78-76 (.506), 7 GB
  • Mets, 73-80 (.477), ELIMINATED
  • Rockies, 71-82 (.464), ELIMINATED
  • Cubs, 67-87 (.435), ELIMINATED
  • Marlins, 64-89 (.418), ELIMINATED
  • Nationals, 64-90 (.416), ELIMINATED
  • Pirates, 57-96 (.373), ELIMINATED
  • Diamondbacks, 49-105 (.318), ELIMINATED

MLB magic numbers for 2021

This is the half the place followers of groups in playoff spots — or these simply outdoors — actually begin to get out the calculators. The magic quantity is the mixture of a group’s wins and/or losses by its closest competitor wanted to clinch a playoff spot.

The magic quantity is listed for every group main the division to say the title, and the elimination quantity listed for groups trailing within the division. The similar data is offered for these within the chase for the wild card. Info comes from

Updated after video games on Friday, Sept. 24

AL East


Red Sox, x/2

Yankees, x/1

Blue Jays, x/x

Orioles, x/x

AL Central


Indians, x/x

Tigers, x/x

Royals, x/x

Twins, x/x

AL West

Astros, 3/x

Mariners, x/3

Athletics, x/1

Angels, x/x

Rangers, x/x

AL wild card

Red Sox, 6/x

Yankees, 7/x

Mariners, x/7

Blue Jays, x/7

Athletics, x/5

Indians, x/x

Tigers, x/x

Angels, x/x

Royals, x/x

Twins, x/x

Rangers, x/x

Orioles, x/x

NL East

Braves, 8/x

Phillies, x/8

Mets, x/2

Marlins, x/x

Nationals, x/x

NL Central


Cardinals, x/2

Reds, x/x

Cubs, x/x

Pirates, x/x

NL West



Padres, x/x

Rockies, x/x

Diamondbacks, x/x

NL wild card


Cardinals, 4/x

Phillies, x/4

Reds, x/3

Padres, x/2

Mets, x/x

Rockies, x/x

Cubs, x/x

Marlins, x/x

Nationals, x/x

Pirates, x/x

Diamondbacks, x/x

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