August 19, 2022

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Netflix Dropped A New Clip From “Don’t Look Up” Starring Jennifer Lawrence And Leonardo DiCaprio, And You Just Have To See It To Believe It

Today was an enormous day for Netflix. (What day is not, however I digress.) Anyways, the streaming service held a world fan occasion referred to as “Tudum” — named after its opening sound — the place it dropped every thing from sneak peeks to launch dates of its hotly anticipated titles.

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The film follows two low-level astronomers who embark on an enormous press tour to warn humankind of an approaching comet that may destroy the planet.

If the solid did not persuade you of how wild this film can be, then the unique clip is bound to do the trick. In the video — titled “Sit Tight and Assess” — we see scientists J. Law (Dr. Kate Dibiasky) and Leo (Dr. Randall Mindy) making an attempt to persuade Madame President Meryl of an imminent apocalypse by way of hurtling astroid towards Earth.

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But…she’s lower than impressed, and so is her chief of workers — a hilarious Jonah. As a panicked Dr. Mindy begins rattling off scientific information concerning the asteroid, Jonah’s Jason Orlean dozes off.

And when the medical doctors, together with Rob’s Dr. Clayton “Teddy” Oglethorpe, insist that the prospect of the asteroid’s collision with the planet is 99.78%, all the federal government members can deal with is the .22% risk that it would not hit Earth.

That’s when Meryl’s character chimes in with an iconic, “At this very moment, I say we sit tight and assess.” Which mainly prompts everybody to repeat the phrase “sit tight and assess” with various levels of authority and credulity.


“You want us to sit tight?” Dr. Dibiasky asks. “And then assess,” Jason responds.

I’ve many ideas on this clip together with, however not restricted to: a) Let’s acknowledge J. Law’s bangs. b) In the one and a half —minute clip we’ve of Jonah, he is completely killing this position, as a result of he’s an icon. c) If we have been ever in an asteroid-crisis state of affairs, I’m 99.78% certain that is how our authorities would reply. d) Jennifer Lawrence and her bangs.

Welp, that is it from me! See y’all on Dec. 24.

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