August 14, 2022

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Russia requires ‘concerted efforts’ to comply with functions and rules of UN Charter

Sergey Lavrov advised delegates that broad cooperation on the United Nations was “particularly relevant now, when the number of problems on the international agenda, is increasing”.

The vary of cross-border threats is increasing in all places, he mentioned, and “the might-is-right approach is being applied, instead of international law, with increasing frequency. There is no consensus amongst the leading powers as to the principles of the World Order”.

For Russia, he mentioned, it was “obvious that one can only effectively counter threats and challenges through concerted efforts, in strict compliance with the universally recognized norms of international law; first and foremost, the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.”

UN should unleash ‘full potential’

He mentioned the UN itself ought to maintain a “central coordinating role in world politics, fully unleashing its potential of universal multilateralism, and legitimacy.”

He mentioned there had been many current makes an attempt to “diminish” the UN’s function, or make it a “malleable tool” for selling egocentric nationwide pursuits.

He criticized what he termed the “Rules Based Order” idea, which “the West is persistently introducing to political discourse, as opposed to international law.”

Russian Federation – Minister of Foreign Affairs Addresses United Nations General Debate (EN)

Mr. Lavrov mentioned the current United States proposal for a “Summit for Democracy”, was extra “in the spirit of a Cold War, as it declares a new ideological crusade against all dissenters”. He mentioned it contradicted President Biden’s name to cease dividing the world into opposing blocs.

He criticized the United States and Western allies for brooking no dissent over what makes up the democratic consensus and referred to as on the US to not impose it’s “development model” on others, arguing that the Rules Based Order was “founded on double standards”.

He mentioned the use of unilateral sanctions and restrictions by international locations, undermined the prerogatives of the Security Council and the UN-centred structure that was formed within the aftermath of World War Two, which has “repeatedly proven reliable insurance against disastrous scenarios in the face of global challenges. The world needs unity rather than a new divide, he said.

“Russia strongly advocates for rejecting any confrontation and stereotypes, for joining efforts to solve the key tasks of development”, added the veteran diplomat.

He referred to as on the Security Council to be reformed, and adapt “to the reality of the polycentric world order by enlarging it with increased representation of Asia, Africa, and Latin America”, and take “genuine collective action.”

P5 summit name

He famous President Putin’s proposal to convene a summit of the everlasting 5 members of the Council – China, France, Russia, the United States and United Kingdom – for “a frank discussion on global stability issues.”

All international locations, he mentioned, are in the identical boat with, shared pursuits, and wish to make sure that “the boat stays safely afloat on the waves of global politics.”

In working collectively despite variations, and for the frequent good, it ought to be potential to fulfil the honourable mission of the United Nations, to avoid wasting this present era “from the scourge of war and succeeding generations too, from war hunger and disease, building a more peaceful, stable and democratic future for all. In conclusion let me propose a hashtag, #UNCharterIsOurRules.”

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