August 9, 2022

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South Sudan ‘determined to never go back to war’

A decade after gaining independence from Sudan, the nation stays “on a path of nation-building” and is working to implement a 2018 revitalized peace deal which led to the formation of a unity authorities final 12 months.

 “I want to assure our friends and partners that we are determined to never go back to war,” mentioned Ms. De Mabior.

“We must replace the destruction of war with the productive use of our vast natural resources and national assets for the good of our people.”

Prioritize nation-building

The Vice-President recalled that when South Sudan turned impartial, the worldwide group pledged to construct capability in nation-building, establishing a UN mission within the nation, UNMISS, to help this course of.

“However, after the outbreak of the war, that vision was abandoned, and priority was placed on protecting civilians and providing humanitarian assistance. As a result, support for capacity building of the State was terminated,” she mentioned.

Ms. De Mabior burdened that supporting a State’s potential to manipulate responsibly and successfully is crucial.  It can also be needed to protect in opposition to what she known as “the unintended consequences of dependency on humanitarian assistance.”

Given enhancements in peace and safety, she mentioned it was now time to transition from emergency in direction of sustainable improvement.

“It is a painful and shameful situation for a country endowed with vast fertile land to be regarded as poor,” she added.  

“We must ensure peace and security in the country and double our efforts to support our people who want to return, and are returning, to their areas of origin, for them to participate fully in nation-building and contribute to building food security in the country.”

Support youth and ladies

South Sudan can also be “a youthful country”, and the Vice-President known as for continued efforts to develop the talents of its youth and ladies “to provide an alternative to picking up the gun again and engaging in destructive behavior.”

Encouraging developments have included joint efforts by the nationwide safety forces and their UNMISS counterparts to advertise rural peace and safety, whereas the Government is about to unveil a nationwide youth service programme.

“To fulfill the vision of our liberation struggle, we must use our oil revenues to fuel economic growth through investment in agriculture,” she mentioned.  

“We will invest in infrastructure to connect our rural communities to the markets. We need the public and private sectors, including foreign investors, to join hands in turning South Sudan’s potential wealth into a reality.”

Glass ‘half-empty’

Ms. De Mabior reported progress in implementing features of the Revitalized Peace Agreement, notably within the creation of state and nationwide our bodies and public monetary administration reforms

However, “the glass remains half-empty” in implementing a everlasting ceasefire and transitional safety preparations, she mentioned, noting the urgency for a unified military.

“The security sector reform is the most challenging part of the Agreement as it contains elements at the center of the violent conflicts in the country,” she mentioned, calling for continued dialogue.

“Building sustainable peace requires inclusivity, collective investment, determination, diligence, and patience.”

Meanwhile, relations with Sudan have additionally improved, although excellent points stay over the oil-rich Abyei border space.

Ms. De Mabior burdened her nation is set to be taught from the previous.

 “We must make the Revitalized Peace Agreement succeed, and we can only do that with the support of our regional and international partners. Simply stated, South Sudan desires and is ready to turn a new page,” she mentioned.

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